Why people leave you hanging?


It’s been long since I have been wanting to write about something that is bothering me. So I leave it up to my readers to tell me if I’m wrong.

The best thing that I got from my blogging was friendship with a certain someone. Our mindset really matched and within no time we got really close (talking all day from goodmorning to goodnight close)

Where I come from, we get really concerned if someone goes missing even for few hours. So what happened is that one fine day this friend of mine didn’t reply for an entire day. I got genuinely conerned and waited for another day. Finally after 2.5 days I got a reply that she had forgot her phone in the office and could not reply.

She was very relaxed when she casually told me this. Obviously I got pissed because I was really concerned and weird thoughts were crossing my mind. So I replied it’s better if you do not reply at all now.

She took this to her heart I guess and never replied back. Later she switched off her WhatsApp and there was no way I could communicate since she had deleted her blog as well. Months later I saw her return to blog and we got in touch via email. Both of us had made traveling plans where we were supposed to meet.

I think she is no longer interested in talking to me and I am left hanging here. Please tell me where I went wrong and how can I fix this?


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  • I have said similar things to someone I care about. It affected our relationship. Some people can move on from it and others can’t.

    It seems like you attempted to make things right by trying to get in touch with them again. It doesn’t always work unfortunately. Sometimes friendships fall apart over time. It happens to everyone even though we wish it didn’t.

    I’m sorry. It wasn’t your fault

  • You may have said these things in the heat of the moment purely out of emotion (anger/frustration etc.) Emotions can really muck up arguments and make them worse than they need to be. Next time, it might be better to walk away, collect your calm, and return to the conversation if a falling out is something you don’t want.

    I’ve lost many online “friends”for various reasons and although it stings, I learned where I may have said something to hurt the other person unintentionally. Learn from your mistakes. Also, it’s fun to be close to people 24/7 (been there) but everyone needs their personal space.

    Like Michelle said above, some people will come back to mend things and others may not. If you have this person’s email, that might be a good place to try contacting her.

      • Ugh, that sucks man. At least you tried to contact her and did everything you could do. Unfortunately, it’s out of your control how the other person reacts. Mhm, it may be best to move on at this point. I am sorry you had to experience this.

          • I would interpret that as a form of closure. It sucks, but at least she said something rather than nothing at all.

            If anything, it was a misunderstanding and I don’t think it’s anyone’s fault for what happened. Please don’t feel bad about it, or feel guilty for what happened. It happens to the best of us. ????

  • Maybe they had their own little moment of realisation and decided this wasn’t for them but didn’t want to tell you or didn’t know how to tell you. Maybe this or maybe that. Pick yourself up and move on, you fantastic human. In the end, it will all make sense.