The more you know the less you know


“The more I know the more I believe I don’t know”

Something beautiful I came across today.

Let’s deep dive into this: as kids, we are so eager and curious because we have little or no idea of what is to come next. The first time kids start walking and fall, they don’t think twice before getting back up.

They learn.

They grow.

They dream.

They desire.

Curiosity leads them into trying new things and having new experiences. Sadly as we grow older and gain more knowledge on life, we start believing we know nothing.

This overthinking often leads us to believing we are not worth it.

We do not deserve love.

We do not deserve happiness.

Things won’t work out for us.

We will always be lost.

Which is why the quote makes so much sense. Only a person who truly believes that the learning curve NEVER goes down achieves whatever he desires. So keep the curiosity alive, keep that inner child alive, don’t think twice before getting up when you fall. Because,

There is more to know

There is more to learn

There is more to discover

There is always more even if you think otherwise ?


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