Shoutout to some amazing souls


I would like to dedicate this post to my friend Ilona. She is a coach that everyone should have in their lives who always has a positive look on life. I have learned a lot from Ilona when it comes to blogging. She is someone with a very kind soul and is always there to appreciate me and my blogs. Mostly people want to push their work and advertise themself but Ilona makes it a point to share other peoples work as well and promote them. Thank you so much for all that you do ?

So anyone who wants a daily dose of inspiration, please head over and follow this beautiful human:

Other than Ilona, there is another woman who has inspired me to the core!

She was there for me in my darkest times, infact she is the one who made me start this blog. Her belief in me made me do things I never imagined I could do. I hope the fire she ignited keeps burning ?

You can follow this fighter at

In my blogging journey, I have come across some other amazing individuals as well who I may not know personally but are always there to support me in the form of likes and comments. Their blogs serve as a motivation for me as well, head over and see it for yourself:

Much love to all of you, stay blessed! ?


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  • Good evening, you made me cry, you know, the words can touch me very easily, is very nice of you, i didn’t expected anything similar at all from you, i guess the best come unexpected❤️?I will check their blogs as well, o my God, i was on my way to bed, and i can’t stop smiling again now?you know? This Feeling when you are trying to hold it back❤️I don’t write very long comments to other people, but sometimes i do, it happens, i think its happening again now, i don’t know much about your dark times, i don’t want to ask you about it, because i’m not sure you want to remember.. Coach? No one ever called me like this, but sounds good thought, i think we need positivity and a push to go forward, i’m keep pushing myself and i will push you as well if i have too?, i hope someone will do same for me one day, if i need it?‍♀️, i’m not a writer, i wish i could write, but i can’t, i like o share on my blog my random thoughts and my passion, which mostly is LIFE, i’m very happy, that you like it, i wish for you a very goodnight and a productive day tomorrow, hugs?

    • Ilona!! ♥️ I found your original comment. It was in the spam box ?
      You really are a beautiful soul and I’m amazed that no one had told you that yet. Buddy you don’t need to look around, I will always be a message away whenever you need me. Never in my wildest dreams had i thought that i will get to interact with you. But that’s how life is, totally unpredictable. Have a wonderful sleep now, there are too many emotions flowing ?
      And keep doing what you do, I love it ♥️