Yes I Am Making It Happen Step-by-Step


Guys I want to share a winning moment, or let’s say some winning moments with you all. How I am making it happen, winning as I move on!

4 months back I was working a night job, hustling all night and sleeping all day. It was not a job that defined a decent career path however it paid well and that was the sole reason for me to stick around. Anyone one day as I was mindlessly scrolling my timeline I came across a picture of a tourist location (which I shall not disclose yet) and I said to myself-

“I do not care how I am going to do it but within the next year I will be travelling to this place. I do not know how I will save up, how I’ll manage but I’ll MAKE IT HAPPEN”

During the same time I started reading the 5 am club and every night I was working I used to have the same thought that how am I ever going to be great if I keep working all night. But as you know there is light at the end of every tunnel, if not, you create your own candle.

Making It Happen
Making It Happen

An opportunity came around for a day job in sales, I applied and made it through. This is where the magic starts. I start saving 50% of my salary (deposited it with a third party) because I knew I would spend it if they stayed with me. Fast forward today I have saved the amount required to make the trip to my dream destination that inspired me limitlessly.

However since everything does not work out the way you want to, I do not have any leaves since I’m on probation currently at the new job. Nonetheless, I plan to make the trip on January 2020 and I don’t remember the last time I was this excited for something.

I won’t say all of this should be credited to 5 am book or club but yes it played a major part definitely. The rest was me rising up against adversity, believing in myself and my capabilities and MAKING IT HAPPEN.

No I do not want anyone to quit their night job. The take home message is that each one of us is destined for greatness, even if you believe otherwise. It’s only a matter of time till you realize it and more importantly start believing.

Next update I’ll share when I make the trip. Till then be good and good day!!

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