Living alone


The next 3 months are going to be critical for me. I am going to be alone while my parents travel abroad. My brother has moved to US as well recently.

Although I am in a good shape right now but it’s always flashbacks from the past that haunt. If I’m able to cope up well during this time, it’s going to set things up for future as well. I’m finally switching jobs and moving to a day job so it’s a golden opportunity for me to fix my routine.

I plan on getting up at 5 am every single day and going to bed by 11 pm max. Once I’m up I will meditate, read and pray. A bright start to my day. Giving me an edge above those who are sleeping and not have not started their day yet.

It’s not going to be easy, I know it. But then again nothing worth having comes easy. I know that this time around if the demons attack I have the support system in place to reach out to. I can write about it over here and I hope my WordPress family will be there for me if need be.

The clock is ticking and its T-18 days when my journey will begin. It’s going to get really interesting and I am actually looking forward to it. If you are someone who lives on their own please do let me know how you manage routine and everything ?


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