How To Treat Coronavirus at Home Effectively


In this article I will explain How To Treat Coronavirus at Home in the hope that it helps someone who is battling it right now.

How To Treat Coronavirus at Home
How To Treat Coronavirus at Home

It all started on June 13th when I was working from home and around 5 in the evening I felt like all of my energy had drained out. Little did I know at the time that the next 20 days would be spent in isolation, a term much dreaded amidst the coronavirus frenzy.

Initially I just assumed that it was lack of sleep so I just shut everything off and hit the bed. When I woke up late night I felt some temperature but conveniently ignored it and went back to sleep. So a key learning right at the beginning would to be mindful of your body temperature.

The next day I was having a mild weakness and there was the feeling of fever as well, this is when I checked it and it was a 100°F. This was followed with a slight chest congestion.

As soon as noticed mild difficulty in breathing, I figured something was wrong. The same night I got tested for Covid and the next day got reported to be positive. This marked the start of my quarantine.

Let me breakdown the entire quarantine day-wise:

Day 1 Mild Fever

Day 2 Mild Chest Congestion

Day 3-4 Weakness and body ache + increase in appetite

Day 5 is when I lost my sense of smell. Now this was a first in a lifetime experience. I realized it when I had sprayed some air freshener in my room but couldn’t smell anything, not even a bit.

Day 6 is when I lost my sense of taste. I remember this clearly while having a Mango, I could not really taste anything. In fact there was a bitter feeling in the mouth while having it.

Day 7 within a week I was used to the quarantine lifestyle. I had my dedicated cutlery which I would wash in my bathroom. Food was served in a tray, kept outside my room. I would wash the tray inside the room only and put it back for reuse.

Day 8 my ability to smell started to return slightly. This was such a relief. I could make it out from the smell of spices in the kitchen. By now my journey towards recovery had started. It gave me a lot of hope at this point because in the week prior to this one, things had only gone worse with more and more symptoms showing up.

How To Treat Coronavirus at Home

Day 9 onwards I was feeling better naturally. Must have had a mild headache or two but that’s about it. Being locked up between four walls wasn’t always easy. But now I realize it would have been more difficult if my mind was locked up as well. I did not let that happen.

I kept busy with various activities which included reading a book, journaling, playing games and watching movies. Other than this, keeping regular contact with loved ones helped a lot too. Also, a lot of people kept a check on me. Even more people than I had expected so this feeling of being loved always helps in tough times.

Recovery and beating the Coronavirus: On Day 15 I got my antibodies igG test done and in the report I discovered that I had developed antibodies against the virus. However, I was still having slight weakness and body ache. Upon consultation with a doctor, I was told that weakness would remain for upto 1-2 weeks and that is absolutely normal.

In addition to this, the Doctor also informed me that if antibodies have developed and there are no symptoms since 3-4 days, it means that I have recovered from the virus.

Day 18 I finally came out of isolation and disinfected the room I had been quarantining in. There is a very useful article by CDC on the topic: Cleaning And Disinfecting Your Home

Conclusion on How To Treat Coronavirus at Home

Coronavirus is not a joke. Not for me at least after meeting it face to face and defeating it! It is not a scam for sure. Not a conspiracy theory. It is as real as it gets.

But at the same time, if you take all precautions, it can hardly be life threatening. So in case any of you gets it, do not consider it to be life threatening (unless you have major pre-existing conditions that target the respiratory system mainly).

Since I did not have any pre-existing condition, I cannot speak for someone who has battled it while having it too.

It will take its course of two weeks and if you deal with it the right way, it will go away! You have to put your A game on during the two weeks in terms of both mental and physical health.

It is not meant to stay. Consider it like one of those toxic people in your life. They infect you with their negativity and are not meant to stay for long if you deal with them the right way ????

I’ve only come out of it with new found love for life. Most of this article I wrote while I was still on quarantine. And I was viewing it as I had already overcome it. This is called visualization, something I learnt from an article I read somewhere.

You have got to imagine that you have already accomplished something while you are still at it. It really helps with maintaining a positive mindset.

There is another article I wrote on how to work from home amidst the pandemic, do give it a read:

If you have any questions relating to How To Treat Coronavirus at Home, feel free to reach out to me in comments or any feedback that you would like to give will be much appreciated ????


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