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Today, I met a fine young man at my gym and we had a very meaningful interaction. So meaningful that I could not resist making a post about it.

I won’t go into details, but this guy had made himself go through a massive transformation. He had lost 20+ kgs of weight through strict discipline at a young age of only 19 years.

When I asked how he did it, his reply was, “The day my father told me that I was useless and could do nothing in life was the day when I replied back than in 5 years I will turn my physique, grades and life around.”

He did not go to a restaurant for over an year just to achieve his goal. He would not go out with friends, stay at home and prepare for the goal he had set to achieve. He worked day and night to make it happen for himself. And finally the universe responded and gave him what he wanted. He says he will not stop here and will continue to dream bigger and achieve better.

By the way, it is his instagram username in the title of my post 😉

Do give a follow but don’t tell him about my post ?


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