Don’t let your past define you


You are allowed to bend but NEVER break.

Bend= Get punched in the face and get back up.

Break= Get knocked down and believe you can’t get back up.

Never let your past or your fears define you.

I suffer from depression and anxiety but if I start believing that I can not function with this then I will never be able to do the amazing things that i wish to do.

I don’t care how bad you have had it, thing is it is in the past now. The only way is to learn from it and keep moving forward.

I’ll go ahead and list some common things that people allow to affect themselves:

1- Body image

2- Body color

3- Mental health problems

4- Family background

5- Financial background

6- Physical disabilities

7- Overthinking

8- Playing victim

And the list goes on and on and on…

The point is not to eliminate all negative thoughts, but it is to be aware of your thoughts and not give them permission to control you. Be in the driver’s seat, be the captain of your own thoughts, never let them dictate you.

Now I would like you to comment with what stops you from moving forward and what you are currently doing to overcome it!


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