Detective Pikachu review (May contain spoilers)


Last night I headed out to watch this movie with little expectations (courtesy online reviews). Got my salted popcorn and coke and was all set to head in when I read that the movie is 3D ?

Purchased 3D glasses on spot. Arrived 15 minutes early (courtesy excitement). Guys trust me the first 5 minutes got me hooked and why wouldn’t they when they featured Mewtwo right in the start!

It was like flashback to the first pokemon movie and how I wished they came to life. Fast forward today, this is the closest we can get to that reality and oh my god it is breathtaking!

The CGI is out of this world. Ryan Renolds has done justice with Pikachu (no you do not get deadpool vibes ?). Infact Pikachu is the only one who carries the movie throughout and oh is he SUPERCUTE!!!

All in all it is a must must watch if major part of your childhood revolved around Pokemon. I am stopping myself from giving away any major spoilers.

The only thing that could have been better was the plot of the film. However it’s brilliance allows you to ignore the plot anyway. So what are you waiting? Go and get your ticket with high expectations! ?


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