What Sundays are for


Sunday is all about catching up on sleep, watching that show you had been wanting to watch for long, meeting with friends and refueling yourself for the week that is to come ahead. I start my Sunday with a prayer, just like any other day. Then I make a to do list for the work that had been pending all week long. Just before sleeping I would tick off everything that I got done and it gives immense...

Self Therapy- Session 18


The famous Self Therapy session is back. I don’t think I’m the same person I was back when I wrote session 1. If you can scroll down enough and read only then you’ll know :p But honestly I have and I am working really really hard to make a dent in this world. Just surviving won’t be enough now. A major contributor to this is membership into the 5 am club. Most of the days...

Why people leave you hanging?


It’s been long since I have been wanting to write about something that is bothering me. So I leave it up to my readers to tell me if I’m wrong. The best thing that I got from my blogging was friendship with a certain someone. Our mindset really matched and within no time we got really close (talking all day from goodmorning to goodnight close) Where I come from, we get really...