5 am club- Day 1


The title might be misleading because I actually woke up at 6 am but it’s okay because it’s only the first morning of many beautiful mornings to come. Here is why I believe in the 5 am club: 1- it’s the only time with least distractions 2- legends are either waking up or going to sleep at this time 3- it’s like a kickstart to your day. How can you possibly have a bad day...

When I woke up this morning


When I woke up this morning, it was another day I was blessed to breath I had water to take a refreshing shower I had electricity to play music on my TV I had a book that I could read I had the education needed to write I had a car to drive me to the park I had a cellphone I could play a Ted Talk on I had healthy legs so I could run I had breakfast on the table so I could fill myself This morning...