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I have so much respect for Robin Sharma for writing this book. It is not just a mindset, it is a lifestyle. I think one of the most vital ones if you want to win in life. So I started a support group on Telegram where members share progress. I invite my readers to join me on this journey: Here’s what the group is about: -A support group where you can share anything without the fear of being...

Am I killing it?


Guys I was up at 5 am today. Offered a morning prayer. Got done with a powerful breakfast by 7 am. Hit the gym and had a great workout 7-9 am. Then i headed to office.

Had a kickass day at work. Just got home, it is 730 pm right now. Going to have dinner, unwind and in bed by 10 pm.

Am i killing it or am i killing it?

The 5 am Club Summary


The 5 am Club Summary It is not a simple book. It is not a word of advice. It is not a physical club that you join to succeed in life. In fact, the 5 am club is a complete lifestyle that upgrades your mindset to match the 5% of people in this world who are winners and leaders. Although my advice would be to read the entire book however this post is about The 5 am Club Summary. Finally got my...

5 am club- Day 1


The title might be misleading because I actually woke up at 6 am but it’s okay because it’s only the first morning of many beautiful mornings to come. Here is why I believe in the 5 am club: 1- it’s the only time with least distractions 2- legends are either waking up or going to sleep at this time 3- it’s like a kickstart to your day. How can you possibly have a bad day...