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Read this if you’re feeling down


I write this post more so for myself. The past one week has not been easy. Being caught up between my 9-5, managing my immigration application and planning a vacation side by side had taken its toll on me. Since I had so much to do, I would find myself peaking into social media every now and then to the extent that it was becoming toxic without me even knowing. “An addiction to a...

5 am club


I have so much respect for Robin Sharma for writing this book. It is not just a mindset, it is a lifestyle. I think one of the most vital ones if you want to win in life. So I started a support group on Telegram where members share progress. I invite my readers to join me on this journey: Here’s what the group is about: -A support group where you can share anything without the fear of being...

Getting the play station


I know I know I’m super late to the party but I just got a Play Station 4. I did not own the play station 3. However if I am to revisit my childhood I remember being a hardcore gamer on ps1 and ps2. Although I am glad to bring those gaming days back but I am equally concerned if this was the right decision? You see I’m a completely different person now and my routine requires minimum...