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Am I killing it?


Guys I was up at 5 am today. Offered a morning prayer. Got done with a powerful breakfast by 7 am. Hit the gym and had a great workout 7-9 am. Then i headed to office.

Had a kickass day at work. Just got home, it is 730 pm right now. Going to have dinner, unwind and in bed by 10 pm.

Am i killing it or am i killing it?

Elastic Heart- Sia


I would have listened to it a thousand times in the past two weeks and I am not joking. Here are the lyrics, thought I might share: And another one bites the dust But why can I not conquer love?And I might’ve got to be with oneWhy not fight this war without weapons?And I want it and I wanted it badBut there were so many red flagsNow another one bites the dustAnd let’s be clear, I...

Self Therapy- Session 17


Hello everyone and welcome to another session of Self Therapy. By the grace of God today I can say that I am in my best state possible. It took 17 self therapy sessions for me to finally write this. 1 session every 2 weeks so do the math. I’ll just try to sum it up in this post and tell you all what’s going on right now. So this healing is a result of medication and therapy. They both...